Evening Entertainment

Join us for a splendid evening of entertainment with the Hornettes! Please visit our evening entertainment page for more information https://steampunk.wales/entertainment

Fashion Show

Join us to show off your magnificent creations at the first Portmeirion steampunk fashion show.

Teapot Racing

The event will also host the Teapot Racing with members. Organsied by the legendary British Teapot Racers.

Portmeirion Guided Tour

Free guided tour of the history and architecture of this classic Italian village with Meurig, Location Manager for Portmeirion.

Battenberg Relay Racing

Come and join us in the Battenberg Relay Race, how far can you carry our Battenberg cake without dropping the delicious treat?

Peacock Parade

The Peacocks Parade will see the magnificently dressed promenading Portmeirion for all to see their creative splendour.

Tea Duelling

Tea Duelling will commence at the central piazza, tea and biscuits at the ready! Dare you take part?


Event is opened by Steve at the Gloriette.